The staff at HBH Senior Living are highly trained and well regarded in their areas of expertise. They each have a deep understanding of the needs of older people and how to provide the best level of care.


Adrianne Allen

Quality Co-ordinator
Phone: 09 538 0800 ext 846

Adrianne works alongside the Eden Coach to ensure the quality of care and quality of life for residents at HBH is maintained at an excellent standard. Her role involves working with staff who have a key role in service delivery, particularly those in the rest home and hospital. Adrianne was a registered nurse for 26 years and has a postgraduate Diploma in Health Science. 


Margot Andrew

DDI: 09 538 0819

Margot leads a small team dedicated to the provision of an excellent physiotherapy service in HBH Senior Living’s large, well-appointed department. As part of our multi-disciplinary approach to care, Margot aims to maximise functional ability and independence for our residents, focusing on mobility, strength and balance.


Chris Dunlop

NZRN, Director of Nursing
DDI: 09 538 0823

Chris has had many years experience at HBH Senior Living. She leads a team of Registered Nurses and Caregivers dedicated to providing a high standard of care. Under Chris’ leadership, the home and hospital are recognised as a model of excellence and the preferred provider in our community.


Rev. Yvonne Fisk

Phone: 09 538 0800 ext 841

Yvonne was ordained as a minister in the Wellesley and Methodist church in 2005 but for many years prior had been involved in the church as a lay preacher and volunteer.

As a volunteer, she worked mainly with young children and the elderly. She was heavily involved in establishing a new church in Porirua during this time. At HBH, Yvonne offers a range of Christian and faith-based services, including twice weekly church services and pastoral care for residents and their families (of any religion).


Moea Kauwhata

Household Team Leader
Procurement Support
DDI: 09 930 1598

Moea has worked at HBH Senior Living for almost 10 years. She started with us as a part-time cleaner and has worked her way up into more senior roles, learning a range of skills including administration, reception and staff rostering. She is now the Household Team Leader – Procurement Support and says she really enjoys working with the team at HBH, and the fact that every day is different.


Lorraine LeRoux

Day Club Team Leader / Social Co-ordinator, Independent Apartments
DDI: 09 538 0809

Lorraine has spent over ten years leading HBH Senior Living’s popular day programme. Lorraine leads a team of activities assistants and volunteers to provide a high standard of care for older people from our community, many of whom are struggling with frailty or dementia. She organises a wide range of activities including games, music, crafts and lunch, as well as transport to and from their homes.


Jenny Moore

Social Worker
DDI: 09 538 0803

Jenny has many years’ experience as a social worker both in the public health system and at HBH Senior Living. Her primary role at HBH Senior Living is to co-ordinate all admissions into the Rest Home and Hospital. Jenny is available to assist with general enquiries and help older people and their families decide which aged care services are most suitable.


Belinda Taylor

Clinical Operations Assistant
DDI: 09 930 1594

Belinda first joined HBH Senior Living in 1990 as a Caregiver, after returning from London to start a family. Belinda returned to HBH as Roster Clerk and is now Operations Assistant, assisting the Clinical General Manager and Director of Nursing, as well as overseeing the Roster Assistant. Belinda loves interacting with the residents and families and always enjoys a catch-up and a chat.

Carol Turner

Occupational Therapist
DDI: 09 538 0800

Carol trained in England and moved to New Zealand in 2006 with her young family. Prior to joining HBH Senior Living she worked previously in mainly Acute settings. Carol is responsible for the Activities Team at HBH Senior Living and applies Occupational Therapy to enable people to participate in meaningful activities of everyday life by enhancing their ability or modifying the environment to support their occupational therapy engagement.


Lee Warmington


Lee oversees the administration of HBH Senior Living’s CEO as well as recruits and co-ordinates volunteers. HBH’s volunteers undertake a wide variety of activities throughout the facility including assisting with the day programme, helping some of our residents with activities or simply stopping for a friendly chat.


Registered Nurses

Our trained Registered Nurses (RNs) provide clinical oversight of the care on their unit. As the team leaders for our caregiving staff, the RNs are responsible for the development of individual care plans and administering all medication.


Household Staff

Our household staff provide cleaning and laundry services, working hard to keep our facility clean and beautiful! They also assist with serving meals and morning and afternoon tea.



Caregivers provide personal care to residents, assisting with all activities of daily living. They also support residents to participate in social activities or hobbies.


Day Programme Assistants

Aided by our wonderful volunteers, our Day Programme Assistants organise all aspects of the Day Programme, including planned and spontaneous activities, meals and by offering a helping hand and a listening ear.

Activities Assistants

Activities staff provide a planned activity and events programme, and also support residents to undertake their own hobbies, activities and spontaneous events. They’re supported by our much-needed community of volunteers.


Maintenance & Drivers

The maintenance and driving team keep our building in top shape. They also help residents with the little things like hanging pictures or fixing electronic equipment. Our drivers bring our Day Programme clients to and from the programme and take our residents out and about for shopping and activities.