COVID 19 Update: 24 June

By HBH - 24 June 2021

COVID 19 Update: 24 June

In light of recent outbreaks of Covid-19 in Wellington and Sydney, HBH have made the decision to restrict access to visitors from these areas until further notice. Likewise, if you have been in contact with anyone from the above locations since Thursday 17th June, we kindly ask that you don’t visit.

We have increased our infection control practices and wish to remind visitors to please:
> Observe hand washing and hygiene before and during your visit
> Wear a mask at all times

> Scan in for your own records, and sign in, for our records.

Our staff will be wearing masks when delivering personal care and extra vigilant with their hand hygiene protocols.
As always, we appreciate your patience and support during this time and we will keep you regularly updated.
Lisa Waldren