When it comes to supported living, it’s quality of care that matters

By HBH - 27 September 2021

When it comes to supported living, it’s quality of care that matters

If you’re considering moving into supported living, remember that it’s not the flash swimming pools, tennis courts or hotel like facilities that matter; it’s the community, the quality of the care services, and the capability of staff that can really make the difference.

These days, there is no shortage of choice for seniors looking to move into supported living, particularly in Auckland. Some retirement villages are like ‘urban cruise ships’, with just about everything on offer – from swimming pools and tennis courts to auditoriums and bars for happy hour.

When you start viewing different retirement villages, facilities like a pool or tennis court can look attractive, particularly if you don’t have either at your family home. They’re new, they’re luxurious and they can help to take the edge off moving.

However, like anything, it’s important to look beyond the superficial and consider what’s really going to make a difference to your quality of life in your senior years. We know from research that the things that make the most difference to happiness later in life are to do with social connections and belonging to a community of like-minded people.

As we remain in lockdown, many seniors living alone in their own homes will be starting to feel lonely. Many may not know their neighbours, they may have family living elsewhere, or even if they’re living close by, their family may be consumed with home schooling and working from home. Level 4 lockdown is a reminder of what really matters and what is most important to consider when you look at moving into a village.

When viewing aged care facilities, consider these questions:

  1. Do you feel more comfortable in large crowds or with smaller groups?
  2. Is the village small enough to get to know people easily?
  3. Do the residents feel like ‘your type of people’?
  4. Are the values of the village about fostering a close-knit community?
  5. Does it feel comfortable, warm and friendly?
  6. Is the level of care in the future at a standard you’d want for yourself or a loved one?
  7. When you look at how you spend your time currently, is it going to allow you to do these things comfortably?

“I used to live down a right of way and during the lockdown last year I saw no one. It was very difficult,” says Fran, a new resident in HBH Senior Living’s boutique independent apartments at 139 on Union. “I’m so pleased I moved to HBH and have a ready-made community around me and people to chat with – albeit from a distance at the moment!”

To find out more about living in a boutique retirement village where community and quality of care come first, download our apartment brochure. Or for a personal viewing once lockdown ends contact Robyn Greer on 538 0800 or 027 494 0344 or email: robyn.greer@hbh.org.nz.

Lisa Waldren