1 Bedroom with Utility Room

More Room, More Memories:
1-Bedroom Apartments with Utility Room for Your Full Life

A Space Tailored for Your Comfort and Creativity

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

1 Parking Spot

54.5m² living space

Asking Price: from $500,000

Offering that extra bit of space, our 1-bedroom apartments with a utility room start from $500,000 for 54.5m² of versatile living area. Alongside all the amenities of our standard 1-bedroom units, the utility room adds functionality, perfect for hobbies or a home office. With each apartment featuring a balcony, you’ll have your own outdoor space to enjoy the tranquility of HBH Village. It’s more than an apartment—it’s your new home for making memories.

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    Why live at HBH?

    139 on Union is where community comes first. In the lively surroundings of Howick, we offer an environment that fosters independence, with layers of support that make daily living both easy and enjoyable. From safety measures like emergency call systems and night patrols to a rich social life, our village is designed for those who seek connection and a fulfilling lifestyle.