Specialist care / people

Our commitment to excellence in high-level aged care is reflected in our highly trained professional staff, all of whom are genuinely caring and compassionate.

Physiotherapy Care

Physiotherapy is a priority for excellence in elder care, which is why we have an in-house Physiotherapist, who is aided by trained physio assistants in our large, fully equipped physiotherapy centre. Through one-on-one sessions and exercise programmes, we aim to motivate and mobilise residents, helping them improve their range of movement, walking ability, strength and balance, and maintain as much physical function as possible.

Occupational Therapy Care

We believe a dedicated Occupational Therapist is also essential when caring for older people. Our in-house OT assesses residents’ equipment needs and develops programmes to enable and encourage residents to continue with as many of the activities of daily life as possible – or even discover new abilities! The OT also assesses and liaises with other health professionals over specific issues, oversees a planned activities programme, run with trained activities assistants.

Medical Care

HBH Senior Living has a dedicated GP available 24/7 to ensure that any medical problems can be dealt with straight away, on our premises. Regular check-ups are scheduled for our rest home and hospital residents.

Pharmacy Care

A local Howick pharmacy delivers to our hospital and rest home daily (they’re also happy to deliver to our independent apartment residents). Research suggests that many older people fare better on fewer medications, so a group of medical specialists meet monthly to review medications, with the aim of ensuring our residents get the most benefit from the medicines they take.

Social Worker Care

Our Social Worker is available to all of our residents for support and counselling. She can advise on a range of assessment and planning options to help you work out the best care for you.

Chaplaincy & Church Services

HBH Senior Living’s philosophy is based on the tenets of Christian compassion and care. Our on-staff Chaplain is available to provide pastoral care for residents, family and staff. Church services are held twice weekly.

In every little way, we care.

Thank you so much for all the years of care for Arthur & Cathie. No one could have done more – you all treated them with so much love & respect to the very end.

Love and best regards,
Murray & Anne