Our philosophy

To ensure our residents have the care and support they need to enjoy a full life, our philosophy is based on five pillars of care:

WE CARE about excellence.

Because HBH Senior Living is a not-for-profit organisation, we can put caring first, every day and in every way. We’re well known for excellence in care and for the way our highly trained and professional people go above and beyond the call of duty. We’re also a registered provider of the Eden Alternative, an internationally awarded programme that puts the needs of older people are at the centre of everything we do.

WE CARE about the little things … and the big.

When you’re older or unwell, we know the little things can really matter. That’s why our nurses and caregivers are trained to go the extra distance and they do! Whether it’s taking the time for a cuppa and a chat, planning activities around your interests, the way we welcome your family and friends or the high calibre of our medical staff, we understand what makes a difference to the lives of older people.

WE CARE about offering a Christian faith-based community.

Formerly known as Howick Baptist Healthcare, HBH was founded by the local Baptist congregation in 1977 and retains strong links to the Baptist community and other neighbouring churches. Motivated by Christian compassion, love and justice, our purpose is to ensure that older people have access to compassionate, responsive and excellent care services that improves their quality of life. Read more

WE CARE that you live life to the full.

It matters to us that our residents enjoy full and rewarding lives. At HBH Senior Living, you will be supported to be as active and independent as possible, with a range of services available at every level of care to ensure you make the most of life. What’s more, our large and comfortable rooms mean you can surround yourself with the things you treasure, so you feel right at home.

WE CARE about connecting you with the community.

At HBH Senior Living, we pride ourselves on our friendly, lively and close-knit community. On top of a wide range of planned and spontaneous activities, we have many wonderful volunteers of all ages who come in for a chat or friendly companionship. From our in-house pets to visits from schoolchildren, to a range of faith-based services, we do everything we can to keep our residents active, happy and connected.

In every little way, we care.

To the team of nurses, caregivers and staff,

The family of Jack would like to offer you all their sincere thanks for the care you have shown Dad over the past 3½ years. Words can not express the gratitude we feel towards your wonderful nurses, caregivers and kitchen staff involved in his care. During Dad’s stay there was nothing but kindness, patience and respect shown towards him.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.