A very special role for a very special lady

By HBH - 23 June 2018

A very special role for a very special lady

A social worker for the last 18 years at HBH Senior Living, Jenny Moore has a crucial role as the link between the local community and HBH.

She’s the first point of contact for enquiries about aged residential care and helps older people and their families access the care they need. Jenny tells us it’s usually a family member of the person needing care who first gets in touch. “Many people have no idea where to start. So I help them by listening, supporting, providing information and advising them about the steps they need to take.”

Jenny points out that before entering long-term residential care, potential residents must be assessed by the local DHB, so the first step is to ask your GP for a referral. They’ll provide a recommendation for a level of care, which at HBH will be either the rest home or hospital.

Once that’s established, Jenny provides a tour of the home or hospital and answers any questions the family may have on life at HBH and what a typical day looks like. She’ll also let them know about the costs involved and any subsidies that may be available, and tell them about some of HBH Senior Living’s other services such as the Day Programme and respite care.

Jenny loves her role because she provides continuity for people from point of contact right through to admission and beyond. Some people come to see her just for information for future planning, while others apply to go on the waiting list.

Many families contact Jenny at a time of crisis. “They’re often dealing with a very difficult decision,” says Jenny. “I try to support them so they can make the decisions that are right for their situation. It’s really satisfying to be able to assist at a time of stress and help them realise they’re doing the right thing for their loved one.”

Women Today, Howick and Pakuranga Times, June 2018

Lisa Waldren