Introducing Ely Pisec: A Glimpse into the life of one of our Registered Nurses

By Jeanne Atiwag - 22 September 2023

Introducing Ely Pisec: A Glimpse into the life of one of our Registered Nurses

At HBH,  we believe in the power of human connection, the strength of diverse backgrounds, and the importance of a dedicated team. Today, we’re excited to introduce to you to a new member of our HBH family, Ely Pisec.

Ely’s commitment to resident care, combined with his vibrant personality, makes him a perfect fit for our team.  Get to know him more through these 5 Facts about him!

Background/ Introduction

Hello! I am Eillenger Tico Pisec Sr., a proud Registered Nurse hailing from the Cordillera in the Philippines. I belong to the Kankana-ey and Ibaloi tribes, a heritage I hold close to my heart. My academic pursuits have been diverse, with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a foray into medicine, complemented by units in secondary education.


When I’m not donning my nurse’s uniform, I’m an adventurer at heart. My days off are often filled with biking through scenic trails, trekking across challenging terrains, taking a refreshing swim, or embarking on a culinary journey.

First Impression/Adaptation

One of the most striking aspects of Aotearoa for me is the Maori culture. It resonates deeply, reminding me of my tribal roots. The similarities between our traditions and the breathtaking landscapes of Aotearoa make me feel right at home. And the warmth and welcoming nature of the locals have made my transition here incredibly smooth.

Working @ HBH

My initial weeks at HBH have been a delightful experience. The environment is light, fun, and smooth, making it a pleasure to come to work every day. It’s truly an honor to serve our “centenarian” residents. Engaging in meaningful conversations with individuals of such stature is a rare privilege, and I’m deeply grateful to HBH for providing me with this unique opportunity.

Fun Facts

Beyond my medical expertise, I have a couple of unexpected skills. I’m a trained welder, and if you ever find yourself at a boxing match, listen closely to the announcer – it might just be me! Yes, I occasionally step into the boxing ring as a professional announcer.

Ely Pisec is more than just a Registered Nurse. He’s a symbol of dedication, passion, and the diverse experiences that make our team at HBH truly special. We’re ecstatic to have him on board and look forward to the positive impact he’s sure to bring.

Join us in welcoming Ely!

Jeanne Atiwag