Moira’s Story of Community & Care at Stevenson Village

By Jeanne Atiwag - 6 December 2023

Moira’s Story of Community & Care at Stevenson Village

Moira’s story – ‘I’m very lucky to be living here.”

After living in a boarding house for years, Moira was delighted to have a safe, warm, and comfortable home of her own at Stevenson Village.

Moira moved to Stevenson Village 13 years ago. Before that, she had been living in a boarding house in Howick, where she had to share a bathroom with three other people. “I had put my name down on every WINZ list as I was really hoping to have my own place,” she says. When she was contacted by Stevenson Village to say a unit was available for her, Moira was thrilled. She loves her warm, cosy one-bedroom unit and, just as importantly, the friendly community.

Moira worked at the University of Auckland Medical School as a receptionist, which she continued to do until she retired at 76 years of age. “I would get up at 4am in the morning to get into town from Stevenson Village. I’d open everything up and be ready to welcome the other staff and students in the morning.” She says that although she decided it was time to retire, she really misses being around young people.

As a person who likes to be busy, Moira fills her days productively. She has initiated movie afternoons for other residents at Stevenson Village which have proven to be very popular. She says sometimes one of the residents will do a bit of baking which they enjoy during their afternoon tea break. Just as Moira helped the visitors, students, and staff at the Medical School, she does the same at Stevenson Village. “If I haven’t seen anyone for a while, I’ll knock on their door and make sure they are okay,” she says. She still drives and is more than happy to take other residents on errands or to doctor’s appointments.

Moira says that Stevenson Village is a “real neighbourhood” where everyone supports each other and it’s wonderful to be part of a community.

“It’s my home, it’s safe and we look out for one another. I am very lucky to be living here.”
Jeanne Atiwag