Alison’s story: still teaching, still volunteering

By HBH - 20 April 2022

Alison’s story: still teaching, still volunteering

Alison had always known HBH would be the place for her. A registered nurse, she has been involved with HBH for over 45 years, initially as a nurse and in later years as a volunteer.  “I nursed at the hospital for nearly 14 years, which was a wonderful experience,” she says. “HBH has always had a wonderful reputation for the quality of care it provides and that continues today.” 

When she retired from nursing, Alison helped as a volunteer, which she has continued to do since moving into one of the apartments. Today she helps at the chapel services in the rest home and hospital.

“I always said when my time came, I’d come here,” she explains. “I’m reminded every day of why I chose HBH – and it hasn’t disappointed.” A long-time resident of the local community, Alison’s husband passed away six years ago. After a period of time, Alison decided that it was the right time to move. 

“I always think you’ve got to keep looking ahead and manage these things proactively. I have a wonderful family who helped with the move and I couldn’t be happier.”

Alison is a keen piano player and music teacher. Since moving to HBH in July last year, she has continued to teach three of her long-time students who join her in her apartment for lessons once a week.

Aside from her volunteering work at HBH, Alison has enjoyed getting to know other apartment residents and becoming involved in the various clubs and activities on offer including ‘Knit & Knatter’. “It made a huge difference during lockdown. While we couldn’t socialise in the same way, I still saw residents and I didn’t feel lonely.”

With the move, she has also enjoyed more peace of mind. “It’s wonderful not having to worry about being secure, about someone breaking in or smashing a window. I feel safe and that is a relief,” she says. 

But for Alison, the most important benefit of HBH is the quality of care on offer, particularly if you need more care. “HBH has always had a better care rating than any other retirement villages in the area. While I’m fine now, when I need more care, I want to be in a place where that is given top priority – right here at HBH.”

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Lisa Waldren