Gracedale: a welcome addition to the family

By HBH - 17 February 2018

Gracedale: a welcome addition to the family

Gracedale is a 36-bed facility owned by Grace Trust, a private trust with strong links to the local Church of Christ congregation.

In early 2017, representatives from Gracedale’s Board approached HBH Senior Living to ask if we would be interested in partnering with them to manage Gracedale’s day-to-day operations. After several meetings between the two Boards and senior staff, it was agreed that there were many synergies in terms of being actively faith-based, with a similar organisational culture, size and approach to the delivery of care services.

HBH is now overseeing day-to-day operations and supervising quality of service and management of audits. Over time, we will work more closely with Gracedale on ventures that can benefit both organisations.

Says CEO, Bonnie Robinson, “Our mission at HBH Senior Living is to ensure that older people have access to excellent, compassionate and responsive services that increase their quality of life. The addition of Gracedale to our ‘family’ means that even more Aucklanders can benefit from this philosophy of care.”

Lisa Waldren