Jack’s story: “This is a happy place”

By HBH - 6 September 2022

Jack’s story: “This is a happy place”

Jack has lived at HBH for almost three years. He lived on his own in Pakuranga for 16 years after his wife died. 

When it came time for Jack to move due to his health, his daughter looked at a number of different options in the area on his behalf. “Initially she hadn’t included HBH on her list of places to visit,” says Jack. “So I said to her what about HBH? I’ve heard really good things about that place.” 

We made an appointment and were shown around. At the end of the visit, my daughter said to me, “Dad, there isn’t another place like this. Three weeks later, I was settled in to my room and getting on with life,” he says. 

“I was fortunate that there was one other person I knew here – which does help, but you soon settle in.” 

Jack is thrilled that he made the move. “I say I have the best room in the place! My room overlooks a garden and I get all day sun. In the summer I go outside and get a bit of vitamin D and potter around,” he enthuses. 

“This is a happy place: there is something about the spirit of the place that makes it so special. The staff are a bunch of angels and are very happy working together, which I always think makes a difference. You can tell quickly by looking at them that they enjoy it here.” 

“There’s no question that I would recommend HBH Senior Living to others.” 

Lisa Waldren