Meet Yvonne Fisk, our new Chaplain

By HBH - 22 April 2020

Meet Yvonne Fisk, our new Chaplain

Yvonne was ordained as a minister in the (Wesleyan)  and Methodist church in 2005. Before that, she had already been involved in the church as a lay preacher and volunteer for many years. As a volunteer, Yvonne worked with young children and the elderly, and she was also very involved in establishing a new church in Porirua for over six years.

“I’ve always been passionate about working with older people,” she says. “HBH Senior Living feels like the place where I was meant to be. I have had a wonderful welcome and I already feel very much at home here. I think our seniors are absolute treasures, they’ve served their families, church and community: now they’re in a place where someone needs to support them.”

“HBH is a very special place. Everyone is very kind, friendly and caring …. it shines through all the staff,” she says. “Everybody takes such care in making it a place where our residents are cared for, celebrated and respected – and that they can truly call home.”

“As the new Chaplain, I am facing new challenges and opportunities to serve our Lord. This is my prayer I would like to share so anyone can use it anytime they face those similar situations – especially as we all struggle in such uncertain times.”

Reverend Yvonne Fisk, HBH Chaplain


Scripture Joshua 1:6 Be strong and courageous.

Lord as I come to this place

As I meet people face to face

Guide me, lead me, to serve you.

Let my heart be true,

To be a Blessing each day

My hands, my feet, in whatever way,

You choose to use me,

However I’m called to be.

Let me serve you by serving those here.

Lisa Waldren