Auckland Metro Bird Club

By HBH - 6 May 2017

Auckland Metro Bird Club

On Thursday 13th April Vince Huston and myself ran one of the Auckland Metro Bird Club’s pet bird care meetings with members of HBH Senior Living.

The aim of this meeting was to:

  1. Help and advise those responsible for the care of the HBH Senior Living pet Budgerigars.
  2. Discuss and work on a plan to combat the weight issues facing some of the village’s pet budgerigars.
  3. Discuss and work out a robust maintenance plan for all the budgerigars.

This proved to be a very positive meeting resulting in a clear plan of care for these treasured pets. Congratulations to the management and staff at HBH Senior Living for being such responsible bird carers. I only wish there were more such responsible bird owners out there like them! I know that the HBH team and its residents are very appreciative of the voluntary work that AMBC carry out at the Village. The HBH Management and staff are just so helpful and accommodating whenever we are there. It becomes an absolute pleasure for us to volunteer our services whenever we can. Plus we love all the wonderful smiles from the residents, and it just becomes a slam dunk!

Dave Yates

Mrs Doris Holford at 104 years young has The Fonz whispering sweet nothings in her ear!
Mr Raymond Wakeley discovers that The Fonz likes to nibble on men’s ears too!
Cay Shirley’s Brown Shaffer Hen named Coco was a big hit!
Coco the Brown Shaffer with HBH Senior Living’s Sharon. Big thanks to Sharon for all the help in organising the bird display.
Dave Nicholson doing what he does so well!
Attendees at the Auckland Metro Bird Club’s pet bird care meeting. From left to right are: Vince Huston, Carol Turner – Occupational Therapist, Miriam Croft, Mora Kauwhata, Isabel Wright, Dave Yates. Not in picture, Lynette Smith.
Lisa Waldren