Apartment living – all care, no worries.

By HBH - 5 August 2017

Apartment living – all care, no worries.

We’re often asked what it’s like living at HBH Senior Living so we thought we’d ask our residents to share their own experiences. We talked to some of the members of our Apartment community to find out how they’ve found the transition to living here.

For many of our Apartment residents, moving was a huge life change and one that came with a good deal of apprehension. How would they de-clutter their possessions, what would the other residents be like and how would they handle the change in lifestyle? The resounding response was that the change opened up a great deal of opportunities and many wished that they had made the move sooner!

Discovering a new network of friends and companions is a great benefit to Apartment living. The residents relished the chance to meet new people and always have someone to talk to or join for an activity. HBH Senior Living offers a range of social activities and entertainment, and according to our residents, Happy Hour and movie afternoons came out on top!

Having property maintenance taken care of by HBH Senior Living means the residents have fewer worries with their day-to-day living. With no lawns or gardens to care for they find this new way of life less stressful. Friendly, helpful staff and the extra security Apartment living offers add to this stress-free way of life.

When asked if they had any advice for people considering a move to a retirement village, our residents recommend looking at a few places to get a feel for the lifestyle and to talk to current residents. Downsizing, organising possessions and getting rid of the clutter is something to consider, but once you make the move you’ll find that was never really a worry – there are so many positives to Apartment living to focus on.

Lisa Waldren