Café mornings popular at 139 on Union

By HBH - 25 October 2018

Café mornings popular at 139 on Union

A new café is becoming a must-go destination for residents, friends and families of 139 on Union, HBH Senior Living’s independent apartments.

Held every morning from 10am to 11am, it’s an opportunity for residents to catch up over tea, coffee and delicious food provided by the kitchen, and get to know one another better – encouraging connection and friendships.

“Cafés are wonderful places to catch up with friends as and when you wish and that’s where the idea came from,” says Helen Parkinson, HBH’s Social Co-ordinator. “We thought we have a wonderful room flooded with morning sun, a kitchen that creates delicious food, tea and coffee making facilities – all the key ingredients needed for a café. It has been wonderful to see the idea so well supported by residents and having it run over the weekend means that residents have somewhere to bring visitors if they wish.”

Mrs Booth, a 139 on Union resident, is enjoying the new café. “There’s been a great turnout and we’ve all been enjoying the opportunity to sit down and have a good chat rather than a ‘quick hello’ as we pass each other in the corridor.”

Lisa Waldren