COVID 19 Update: 17 August

By HBH - 17 August 2021

COVID 19 Update: 17 August

HBH has gone into immediate lockdown. A reminder as to what this means at HBH:

  • No visitors to the care facility
  • Residents may not leave the facility unless it is for urgent medical reasons. Non urgent medical/clinic appointments will be cancelled/rescheduled.
  • We are restricting movement within the facility. Residents will remain within their own community and there will be no mingling. This is to reduce chances of any infection spreading if it were to occur.

Dropping off gifts or personal items for residents:

If you want to get something to your loved one, please drop it off at the HOSPITAL main door in the box provided (or put in fridge provided if perishable goods). Please label clearly with the name of the resident. Staff will collect items and deliver them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Team Leader/RN in charge of your community.

Other services:

Day Club: will be cancelled for tomorrow (Wednesday 18th August) and will commence again once we have been notified that there are no community cases.

Respite care and admissions to care: We are unable to accept admissions whilst we are in lockdown. Jenny Moore our Social Worker will be in touch with affected families.

Virtual Village East:  No activities can take place at HBH during lockdown period.  Our VVE Co-ordinator Lee will be in touch with those affected.

139 on Union and Stevenson Village:  Please adhere to lock down restrictions. Visitors from the village can not come to the rest home or hospital, unless they have been given specific dispensation to visit a family member.

Volunteers: No volunteering at HBH is permitted during lockdown.

Thank you for your understanding. Working together and with patience and kindness we will get through this safe and well as we have done before.

Warm regards

Juliette Tuckey

Lisa Waldren