COVID-19 Update: 28 Jan 2021

By HBH - 28 January 2021

COVID-19 Update: 28 Jan 2021

Following the new cases of COVID-19 in the community on the North Shore this week we have put in place some new restrictions.  Should there be further community cases, we WILL be going into Lockdown.

As we still remain under Alert level 1, we need to Play it Safe.

Visitors will be allowed in the Rest Home and Hospital – but with some precautions:

  • If any of your visitors have returned from overseas and been in quarantine or have been north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, they will require a negative test before visiting
  • Visiting hours will be restricted to:
    • 10 am-12 pm
    • 1 pm – 4.30pm

Visiting access will be via the Hospital ONLY

  • Upon arrival at the Hospital, you will have your temperature taken and you will be required to sign in using the COVID-19 tracer app (please enable the Bluetooth function)

Visitors must wear a mask at all times.  Please bring your own and ensure it is clean on arrival.

  • Everyone should wash hands or sanitise when they arrive, and please continue with regular hand washing as this is the best defence against the spread of viruses
  • Please sit one metre apart from visitors
  • If you or someone you know are unwell – please do not visit

Thank you for your co-operation. This is another reminder of how difficult it is to contain COVID-19, and we all know what a threat it can be to the community.

We hope this is a short-lived change and we can soon return to normal.

Ngā mihi

Bonnie Robinson

Lisa Waldren