Eden Update

By HBH - 19 January 2016

Eden Update

HBH continues on its Eden journey. This year HBH will be going for another three Eden Principles with the Eden Visit (audit) scheduled for the 1st of June. The three principles that we are working on for this audit are:

  • Principle 5: Create an environment that is varied and spontaneous in which unexpected or unpredictable interactions can take place.
  • Principle 6: Decrease emphasis on a pre-programmed activity approach to life and more activities geared to supporting the Edenising process and resident participation
  • Principle 8: Encourage maximum decision making authority to be in the hands of those employees who are closet to the residents. Empower teams to make decisions within their defined parameters.

We are already well on the ways with these Principles, with lots of spontaneous events popping up, especially around Christmas.

One Eden change you will see and hear is what we call each area in our facility. “Wards” or “Units” is very institutional and we wanted a new way to describe each place. Residents discussed this at resident meetings and the consensus was to use the word “community”. So you will hear us talk about Sale community, or Seymour community from now on.

Lisa Waldren