HBH Lights up for Diwali

By HBH - 19 January 2016

HBH Lights up for Diwali

The first week of November last year was full of colour, music and dancing at HBH with the annual Diwali celebrations. Hospital caregiver, Yogi Archer and a team of staff, organised the event which incorporated many of the residents along with staff and some volunteers from outside of HBH.

Diwali is a traditional Indian celebration. Lights, lamps and candles are lit, giving the occasion its name – Diwali or “festival of lights”.

All four communities in the HBH Hospital were decorated, with the Occupational Therapy room being the main focus. It was decorated with saris, lamps, flowers and traditional Rangoli designs. Residents were encouraged to visit the room throughout the week to enjoy the colourful scene.

One of the most popular events during the week was the fashion parade. Residents and staff dressed up in Indian costume and paraded through the Hospital and Rest Home communities, stopping to dance for other residents along the way. This was a joyous, vibrant occasion that was loved by all!

Staff and residents were treated to more music and colour when an Indian dance group came to perform a traditional Bollywood display.

Other Diwali activities included henna hand painting and a shared lunch of traditional Indian food.

This was the second year of Diwali celebrations at HBH and everyone is looking ahead to the 2016 event, which no doubt will be even bigger and brighter!

Lisa Waldren