Feeling right at home: our smart new uniform

By HBH - 22 April 2020

Feeling right at home: our smart new uniform

While HBH Senior Living became a fully accredited Eden Alternative facility last year (one of only two in Auckland), the Eden journey of learning and growth never stops.

One recent Eden initiative for HBH has been the introduction of a new uniform. The process began last year and involved trialling alternatives and seeking feedback and input from residents. The aim was to move towards something more ‘home-like’ than institutional, so staff tested different styles over a period of time. It also needed to be cool, comfortable, easy to care for, and something that staff would be happy to wear each day.

Previously staff wore a top that reflected the role they performed, but now they can choose from a selection of three shades of blue and green as they wish, and the name badge communicates their role.

Lisa Waldren