Jimmy & Gael’s story: “It’s one of the loveliest communities.”

By HBH - 24 April 2022

Jimmy & Gael’s story: “It’s one of the loveliest communities.”

Jimmy and Gael Fong knew a couple of people who had lived at HBH Senior Living’s independent apartments over the years and they liked what they’d seen. “It doesn’t have a flashy swimming pool or tennis court, but that’s not us anyway,” says Gael. “The ethos of HBH is what was important to us.”

Gael and Jimmy moved into a lovely north-facing apartment with a wraparound deck and views over Howick.  “Jimmy’s health started to decline, so it was the right time for us and we were so fortunate that our apartment was available,” Gael explains. 

With two bedrooms, an open plan living and kitchen area, the apartment is ample for their needs and is big enough for when the family visit. “I love that fact that it is all under cover, we have a carpark at the bottom of the lift, a lovely spacious deck and a view over Howick.” 

During lockdown, Gael and Jimmy’s son entertained them and their neighbours regularly, paying a visit and singing for them outside! “You can do that type of thing at HBH,” says Gael. “Everyone is so friendly, there are no airs and graces – we all just get on and its one of the loveliest communities I’ve belonged to.”

HBH’s Apartment Co-ordinator, Lorraine, also made a difference during lockdown. “Every day she’d check in and make sure we were all okay,” says Gael. “While the safety protocols were strict, HBH was a great support during lockdown and we were much better off than if we’d been in the family home.”

A keen cook, Gael uses her well-appointed kitchen to make delicious treats for her neighbours. She is actively involved in the local community and gets out and about most days during the week. “I’m still driving, so I’ve continued with the activities I was involved with before I moved in – but when I stop, there is plenty here to get involved with at HBH.”

Gael’s husband, Jimmy, has dementia and attends the HBH Day Club during weekdays. “The club is free and as with a lot of things at HBH, the fact that it is a non-profit benefits those of us lucky enough to live here,” Gael enthuses. “It’s nice to see the money being invested into care – and with Jimmy’s health I’ve seen the advantages of that.” 

“We received great value for money when buying our apartment and with house prices as they are in Auckland, we’re better off financially too. All in all, we definitely made the right move!” 

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Lisa Waldren