Meet Belinda Taylor, our Clinical Operations Assistant

By HBH - 28 March 2022

Meet Belinda Taylor, our Clinical Operations Assistant

Belinda has worked at HBH Senior Living for over 30 years, starting out as a caregiver and now working as our Clinical Operations Assistant. This means she oversees the scheduling of our clinical team, including our nurses and caregivers. Belinda’s role is a busy one and it has become even busier with COVID. Here, she explains what a day in the life of a Clinical Operations Assistant looks like.

My day usually involves…

“Most days, I have a lot of contact with other people so I try to get a few things done first thing. At lunchtime, I head outdoors to have a breather and catch-up with colleagues. We have a chat over lunch and we keep up to date with each other’s work areas.

I finish at 3pm as I have school aged children. My youngest has started Howick College this year and my oldest is doing a nursing degree at MIT. So it’s homework, ‘Muber’ (mum uber) and dinner when I get home.”

The team I work with is…

“I work closely with Clare, our HR manager and also Jyniska, our roster assistant. I used to be a caregiver and each week I still do a couple of shifts to keep in touch with what’s going on.”

How COVID has impacted my role…

“With a lot of staff off because they’re either ill or close contacts, scheduling has been a challenge. We’ve also introduced an online visiting system which I’ve been co-ordinating internally, so it’s been all go!”

I get my best work done when…

“I have a lot of contact with people once the day gets underway, so mornings are my window to get a few things done without interruption.”  

A philosophy I live and work by is….

“Give it your all and do your best!”

Lisa Waldren