COVID-19 Update: HBH COVID protocols to remain the same

By Jocelyn Bray - 5 April 2022

COVID-19 Update: HBH COVID protocols to remain the same

5 April, 2022

Dear Families and friends of our residents

This is a reminder that even though government has put in changes around COVID rules and regulations as of midnight 4 April 2022, we as a residential aged care facility, will for now, not be changing any of our current protocols. This is to protect our most vulnerable residents.

Up until now, together with our staff, our amazingly supportive families and friends, have assisted us to keep Covid out of our four facilities.

This is something we can all feel extremely proud of. We want to keep it this way.

Please be reassured that we are reviewing the situation on a regular basis and are acutely aware of the many strains, frustrations and concerns this puts on everyone; and most especially on our residents.

We will let you know when things change for us – until then assume things remain the same.

A reminder of those protocols are:

RAT testing

  • Please RAT test at home if you are able. RAT tests are now widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies, so please purchase some and show your RAT test the day of your visit to HBH. RAT testing at home will speed things up for you when you visit.
  • Please take a time and date stamped photo of your RAT test  (eg on your mobile phone) and bring this with you to show staff at the door.
  • If you are unable to RAT test at home, or you forget, we will supply you with a RAT at the door. In this situation you will need to administer the RAT yourself – either at the door or take it to your car. Bring the completed test back to show staff at the door.
  • Staff will assist anyone who is unable to self-administer, but to ease staff workload we ask that you only request staff assistance if really necessary.

Mask wearing

  • Please note that you must wear a medical grade mask – that is the surgical ones or an N95 while visiting our facilities.
  • Cloth masks are no longer acceptable.
  • Please bring your own surgical mask, or N95.
  • We have some at the door if you forget, however given our rising costs due to Covid we would appreciate visitors bringing their own.


  • Booked via the booking portal, click here
  • One visit per resident per week
  • Fully vaccinated visitors only. Children under 12 can visit with one fully vaccinated supervisor. Children must be fully vaccinated and wearing a mask
  • Masked, distanced visiting
  • Ventilate the room by opening windows
  • 30 minutes visiting time once you are with your resident unless by prior arrangement due to certain circumstances
  • Visitors who are unvaccinated can have an outdoor visit following a negative RAT test, with both resident and visitor wearing an N95. Please identify that you are not vaccinated on your arrival if not already arranged

We appreciate your continued support and care.

Kind regards

Juliette Tuckey – GM Clinical and Quality

Jocelyn Bray