COVID-19 Update: Overseas travel and visiting

By HBH - 21 July 2022

COVID-19 Update: Overseas travel and visiting

8 June, 2022

Dear family members and friends,

Visiting is going well in our communities, and we can see the benefits your loved ones get from seeing their families. Thank you for adhering to our health and safety requirements.

We are constantly reviewing and revisiting our health and safety protocols by keeping an eye on what’s happening in the community and then tweaking things to keep residents and staff safe.

As you may know, there has been a significant increase of COVID cases since travel pre-requisites have relaxed.

Because of this, we are requesting that if you are visiting a resident and have been on an overseas flight:

  • that you wait a minimum of 3 days after landing in Auckland before visiting
  • that you do a RAT test before visiting
  • if you are feeling unwell, do not visit – even if your RAT is negative
  • use the Kiosk located in each entrance to register yourselves in and out of the building
  • wear a mask throughout the duration of your visit

Please note:  If you have difficulty using the kiosk or are not sure how to do your RAT test, please ask for assistance from staff who will be happy to assist you.

Keep well and stay safe


Kind regards

Bonnie Robinson – CEO


Lisa Waldren