Our thanks for keeping our residents safe and well

By HBH - 21 July 2020

Our thanks for keeping our residents safe and well

Thank you to our wonderful HBH Senior Living community for your patience, support and understanding during lockdown. Our number one goal was to keep COVID-19 out of HBH and we all pulled together to achieve that – so thank you all for helping to make this possible.

It was certainly a challenging time. Our workforce was reduced as those who were ill or immune-compromised couldn’t work and of course, there were no agency staff available. However, it showed how adaptable we can all be when needed.

On the upside, our residents and staff were amazing and discovered that life under lockdown was not too bad! HBH is a caring, tight-knit community and everyone did their bit to keep busy, active and sociable. Our staff helped many of our residents connect with family using social media apps, while other residents kept in touch with family and friends via regular phone calls and emails.

Mrs Dunbar, a very skilful knitter, knitted a teddy bear a week (note the earrings!) during lockdown. Mr Jefferies kept everyone active with regular indoor bowls and mini-golf challenges. And we celebrated Mother’s Day in style with a lovely morning tea.

Lisa Waldren