Staying in touch: the importance of technology

By HBH - 21 July 2020

Staying in touch: the importance of technology

One of the big lessons we all learned during the COVID-19 crisis was the importance of technology to keep in touch with our loved ones. Many of our residents have learned how to use apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, and WhatsApp, and it certainly helped ensure that lockdown felt a lot less ‘locked down’.

Now that we’ve all got the hang of it, we’re encouraging our residents to have ‘electronic visits’ from their families more often. Rather than being limited to face-to-face visits, technology allows them to feel more connected, more often – especially for those with family in other regions of New Zealand or overseas.

“For some of our residents, speaking with family via Zoom or FaceTime was something they hadn’t done before,” says Trish, our OT Assistant. “It was so touching to see how wonderful this was, particularly the first time they saw their relatives’ faces – many had tears in their eyes as they saw them for the first time during lockdown.”

Keen to connect with a loved one?

If you’d like to connect with your relative on any of the above apps (Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc), please contact Lee Warmington on 09 538 0827 or email

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