Peter & Cath’s story: “HBH has been wonderful.”

By HBH - 21 September 2021

Peter & Cath’s story: “HBH has been wonderful.”

Peter’s wife, Catherine, had been in Middlemore Hospital after suffering from a stroke. She wasn’t well enough to return home, so Peter and his daughter chose HBH for her to move to when she was discharged – which turned out to be a fortunate decision.

“Cath was discharged on the morning of the day we went into lockdown. I travelled with her in the ambulance from Middlemore to HBH and once she was settled I popped home for a short while. My daughter phoned me while I was home and said we were going into Level 4 lockdown that evening.”

“It took me completely by surprise, as it did most people,” says Peter. “Fortunately, HBH were wonderful and suggested I move in during lockdown to be with Cath and help her transition to her new home.”

“It was difficult during the initial stage as I couldn’t move around much, but the food has been great which has compensated! Much better than I would have been having at home.”

Peter and his daughter are glad they made the right decision. “My daughter looked at a number of different care homes for Cath and I also visited a few on the shortlist. We are so pleased we chose HBH – it really stood out and is a very nice place with caring people.”

Cath is settling in and Peter is happy he has been able to be with her during lockdown. “Her room has a lovely outlook and we enjoy sitting by the window. I’m able to go for a short walk around the facility and we can now have meals in the dining room.”

“Cath isn’t able to join in much at the moment but there are a lot of activities going on and I hear laughter in the corridor. It’s lovely.”

Lisa Waldren