Prue’s story: care at the highest level

By HBH - 21 September 2021

Prue’s story: care at the highest level

The view from Alison’s window

“Living at HBH has given me a whole new respect for aged care. The staff are amazing and the way HBH prioritises the residents’ wellbeing is impressive – Mum is fortunate to be here.”

Prue’s 98-year old mother, Alison, suffers from dementia, so she moved to HBH Senior Living earlier this year. “Mum and Dad lived in Howick all their married life, in a house they built. Mum managed really well up until a few years ago when her dementia, combined with old age, made it difficult for her to continue living there,” says Prue.

Prue knows Chris Dunlop, Head of Nursing at HBH, so moving her mother here was a relatively easy choice. Up until that time, she’d been helping her mum at home and continued to visit daily when she moved to HBH.

When HBH went into lockdown, Prue was concerned about the effect on her mother. “Mum had to make many adjustments this year which she didn’t find easy. She knows and recognises me, and having a constant and consistent routine has become very important for her,” she explains. “HBH were wonderful when we went into Level 4 and allowed me to move in and continue to care for mum so her routine wasn’t disrupted by lockdown.”

Since moving into HBH, Prue is able to spend each day with her mum and attend to her needs. “We chat, have a wander outside and drink cups of tea,” says Prue. While her mother is not able to join in with many of the activities on offer at HBH, Prue says HBH is a wonderful place. “The rooms are lovely and the outlook marvellous – it is a happy, warm, comfortable place.”

Prue has noticed the effect of the Eden Alternative on residents and the difference this makes. “Residents truly do feel like it is their home and are very happy here. It has a lovely atmosphere.”

We’re thrilled that we could help Prue and her mother to be together during this challenging time for older people. It’s just one of the many things we do to help our residents enjoy fullness of life, in every little way.

Lisa Waldren