Update on the HBH Eden journey

By HBH - 25 October 2018

Update on the HBH Eden journey

Many of you will have seen Juliette Tuckey at HBH during the past few months, often with Coco the dog hot on her heels! Juliette has joined the team to help us continue to grow and develop the Eden philosophy. There has been a lot going on and here are a few of the highlights!

Gracie spending time with Hetty, a regular visitor to HBH

Animals are an important part of the Eden Alternative and you’ll be seeing more of them in the future. They not only offer unconditional love but they also enable residents to be helpful and take care of others. And with animals around, you can be sure there will be a good dose of spontaneity and fun!

Dolly helping at the café

Rather than residents seeing HBH as a facility, the aim of the Eden philosophy is that they feel like it is their home – one to participate in and contribute to. This helps keep residents active and engaged and provides them with a new purpose to give care as well as receive care.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party at the Seymour community

It’s easy for boredom to set in when the same routine happens day in and day out. Laughter, fun and spontaneity are an important part of family life and one that we are making sure happens more often at HBH. Be prepared for the unexpected!

A pat on the back for the Sale community

Moving from an institutional model to a home-focused, resident-directed model of care takes time, training and encouragement. Each fortnight, an education forum takes place within each community to help embed the Eden Alternative philosophy. The Sale community were encouraged with this Pat on the Back training session where their individual strengths were celebrated.

High Tea at the Inchinnan community

Creating meaning is one of the principles of the Eden Alternative and what better way to do that than High Tea! The Inchinnan community recently held a high tea for residents and staff – delicious food, a beautiful table setting and a hot cuppa – a winning combination that was enjoyed by all.

Meet Juliette Tuckey, the HBH Eden Coach

Juliette joined the HBH team earlier this year to further develop the Eden culture. She is involved in mentoring and training staff as HBH moves closer to achieving full registration in all ten Eden principles. “HBH is an amazing place and it is a privilege working alongside staff and residents,” says Juliette.

Lisa Waldren