Farewell from our CEO, Bonnie Robinson

By HBH - 22 December 2022

Farewell from our CEO, Bonnie Robinson

Recently, I was asked what I’ve enjoyed most about my role at HBH. I have to say … all of it! Seriously, it has been a total delight to work here. We have an amazing team, wonderful residents and clients, and we know that what we do matters.

Everyone says that when they walk in the door at HBH it is ‘different’. It’s hard to identify all the things that make it so special, but I truly believe the following things contribute:

  • Our people – the passion that our staff have for their roles and for caring for older people. It’s not just a job.
  • HBH is family – our residents, clients and our staff are one big family, in which we look out and care for each other.
  • Our strong values – which are lived out in everything we do, every day.
  • Our focus on enabling fullness of life – HBH is not just about providing practical care, but also about helping people to age well, live fully and grow in themselves.
  • We’re faith-based – our Christian faith and values are integral to our care.
  • We’re not for profit – which means we can put all our resources into developing our services

Highlights of my time at HBH include implementing the Eden Alternative culture change programme and achieving full certification, which has made such a difference to the daily lives of our residents. This has resulted in animals being part of daily life at HBH, and they bring so much joy to all of us.

Our re-brand to HBH Senior Living and a more vibrant and contemporary look and feel was also a highlight, as was purchasing Stevenson Village to ensure continuation of low-cost rental housing for seniors in the area. And of course, establishing Virtual Village East, which provides friendship, support and opportunities for seniors to connect with others living in our wider community.

Just as importantly, we’ve created new roles and hired some amazing people to strengthen and develop our work, especially to bring our Eden philosophy of care to life.

Which brings me to say ‘thank you’. Thank you to all the staff I’ve worked with over the years at HBH – I’ve met so many wonderful, caring people. Special thanks to the Leadership Team, both past and current, who have supported me as we’ve improved our services and developed new initiatives to better meet the needs of older people in our community.

Thanks to the HBH Board, a very special group of talented people, who have supported and challenged me, and worked extremely hard to ensure HBH can continue to provide excellent services into the future.

Thanks to the volunteers who have given up their invaluable time and energy to support our work – and to the skilled contractors who’ve supported us over many years.

And above all, thanks to our residents and clients, who inspire me every day with their wisdom, and courage. Ka kite anō – until we meet again.

Lisa Waldren