A warm welcome to our new CEO

By Jocelyn Bray - 23 December 2022

A warm welcome to our new CEO

23 December, 2022

Dear HBH family,

I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Juliette Tuckey as Chief Executive Officer of the HBH Group, commencing 30th January 2022. Over the past few weeks, we have conducted an extensive recruitment process managed by an external executive search agency. We were pleased with the calibre of applicants who applied for the position, including many very capable and relevant candidates. Juliette’s leadership qualities, passion and values shone through and we were delighted to appoint her to the role.

Many of you will already know Juliette. As a member of our Executive Leadership Team, she has been responsible for many of HBH’s operational aspects over recent years. Her leadership skills were brought to the fore as General Manager of Clinical Quality during COVID, as she focused on keeping our residents and staff safe during very challenging times.

With over 20 years’ experience in general management and leadership roles in the aged care and hospitality sectors, Juliette is passionate about creating care environments that empower and encourage growth, meaning and connection for all.

“I’m both delighted and honoured  to be stepping into the CEO role,” says Juliette. “Bonnie has been a wonderful leader and mentor, and she leaves an incredible legacy. As an organisation, we have some exciting projects ahead which will continue to develop and grow our services and our people. I look forward to working alongside our capable and committed team as we support together the mission and vision of HBH Group.”

Another benefit of Juliette’s appointment is the continuity and in-depth knowledge she brings to HBH Group, ensuring we can continue to provide ‘excellent care as usual’.

I look forward to a new chapter for HBH Group under her skilful leadership.

Yours sincerely,


Stephen Parker

Chair, HBH Group

Jocelyn Bray