Why working in aged care is so important

By Bonnie Robinson, CEO - 9 December 2021

Why working in aged care is so important

Recently, we celebrated a colleague’s retirement after 41 years’ service to HBH Senior Living and to aged care nursing. So I thought it was time to do a general ‘shout out’ to those who work in aged care.

People who don’t work in this field sometimes see it as ‘boring’ or ‘simple’. However, those of us who work in the care of older people know that this is a rich, varied, complex, ever-changing and exciting field of health services that is immensely satisfying to work in.

I am sure this is part of why our colleague has had such a long career in aged care, and it’s certainly why I work in this sector. There’s never a dull moment and lots of fun moments (as well as some tough ones) and always something to learn.

I think the major privilege of working in aged care is watching growth – of our residents, of each other, of ourselves. At HBH, we are so lucky to have staff that are highly trained and well regarded in their areas of expertise. They all have a deep understanding of the needs of older people but are also always wanting to increase their knowledge.

Importantly, our staff are also willing to go the extra mile. Whether it’s making a cuppa, or stopping for a chat, or helping a resident with a knitting pattern, they really do care, in every little way.

Bonnie Robinson, CEO