COVID-19 Update: 9 December 2021

By Bonnie Robinson, CEO - 9 December 2021

COVID-19 Update: 9 December 2021

Dear family members of our residents

We are so pleased to inform you that we will be opening up restricted INDOOR visiting as from 10am, Monday, 13 December 2021.

Visiting hours will be from 10am to 12noon and 1pm to 4pm, 7 days a week.

Visiting hours for public holidays (official and observed) are different. Visiting on Public Holidays are from 1pm to 4pm. These days are:

  • Saturday, 25 December – Christmas Day
  • Sunday, 26 December – Boxing Day
  • Monday, 27 December – Christmas Day observed
  • Tuesday, 28 December – Boxing Day observed
  • Saturday, 1 January 2022 – New Year’s Day
  • Sunday, 2 January 2022 – Day after New Year’s Day
  • Monday, 3 January 2022 – New Year’s Day observed
  • Tuesday, 4 January 2022 – Day after New Year’s Day observed

Please note these restrictions on visiting:

  • Only fully vaccinated persons will be able to visit
  • No children under 12 will be allowed to visit
  • No more than 2 visitors per resident in any one visit
  • Wear a mask
  • 30-minute visits only
  • Access will be at the HOSPITAL ENTRANCE ONLY
  • If COVID cases in the community increase or visitors do not adhere to the visiting rules, we may have to revert to outdoor visiting

What you need to know when you arrive to visit

We will have staff outside the Hospital entrance who will require you to:

  • scan in using the QR code (or sign in on paper)
  • present your vaccine pass (either electronic or printed out)
  • be screened (temperature taken and health screening questions asked)

Please note:

  • There may be a queue at the hospital entrance door while the screening process takes place. Please be patient and be kind to those doing the screening.
  • If too many visitors arrive at once and there are too many people in the facility, we may ask you to wait, and will then let people in on a ‘one out, one in’ basis.

What you need to know while you are visiting your family member

  • Go directly to the resident’s room
  • Visiting is in the resident’s room only – do not use communal areas such as lounges, kitchens or dining rooms
  • Wear your mask at all times
  • Maintain social distancing from others as much as you can

It is VERY important that everyone adheres to these rules for safe indoor visiting.

Please note that if community cases of Covid-19 cases and or other risk factors increase, we may have to revert to outdoor booked visiting.

Taking your relative out

1. If you are wanting to take your family member out for a day, we strongly recommend:

  • You ensure that your family member is socialising with double vaccinated people ONLY
  • We advise as per MoH Guidelines; “ Residents/ Family are encouraged to only visit places with vaccination certification requirements or outdoor areas , and should use contact tracing , mask wearing and adhere to all public health measures.”

How to arrange to pick up your relative:

  • During visiting hours:
    • Inform the RN on the community, what time you will fetch your loved one and time of return
    • Come in and collect your loved one (you will need to follow the visitors check in procedure as above) and sign them out
  • Outside of visiting hours:
    • Phone to inform the RN on the community regarding the time you will fetch your loved one and time of return
    • On arrival, wait outside at the designated entrance for our staff to bring your loved one out to you.

2. If you are planning to take your family member out for an overnight (or more) stay, please note:

  • On your family member’s return to HBH, they will be required to isolate in their rooms for a minimum of 7 days which will allow for a day 5 negative day 5 COVID test to be returned.

My Vaccine Pass for your resident

“My Vaccine Pass” is required for your loved one if you are visiting locations (like restaurants, events, café’s etc).

To help you to acquire a pass, we will be submitting for ONE BULK “My Vaccine Pass” application for all our residents.

If you DO NOT want HBH to apply for a “My Vaccine Pass” for your family member – please inform us by return email, by Wednesday, 15 December 2021. Further details on this will follow on application.

We know our residents are so looking forward to welcoming you back indoors.
Enjoy your visit!

Kind regards

Bonnie Robinson

Bonnie Robinson, CEO