COVID-19 Update: 24 Feb 2021 – Level 2 Announcement

By Bonnie Robinson, CEO - 24 February 2021

COVID-19 Update: 24 Feb 2021 – Level 2 Announcement

We are back at Level 2 as of today.

Due to the fact that there are new community cases, and they are close to Howick in terms of locations we have decided to go back into Level 2.

We will stay in Level 2 until the situation regarding community spread becomes clearer. We will let you know when we are going to change to Level 1 again. Please also note that if the community spread situation becomes more serious for Auckland or HBH we may go to Level 3. If you arrive at HBH and discover that our alert level has changed please be understanding as we sometimes need to make quick decisions to keep everyone safe.

Keep track of locations of interest for new cases and DO NOT come to HBH if you may have been exposed.

The Ministry of Health website or Covid-19 website will have up-to-date information on locations of interest. As someone visiting or working in an aged care facility please stay informed.

Do NOT visit if you are unwell at all.

Restricted Visiting

Restricted visiting will be as following:

Visiting hours are:
10am to 12 midday
1pm to 4:30pm

No exceptions except for palliative/comfort care resident’s and their families.

We will have a security guard at the hospital entrance – working from 9:30 to 5pm

The rest home entrance will be locked. As will the basement entrance. All visitors to go via the hospital entrance.

Visitors – please follow these instructions:

  • Visitors must wear a mask at ALL times during their visit.
  • Visitors must scan in for their own records, and sign in, for our records.
  • We may also require temperature checks on visitors – to be done by the security guard.


Please ensure your visitors scan in and please keep a record of visitors.

Day Programme

Will continue but with some changes to how drop off and pick up are done. The Day Programme team leader will let families know about these arrangements.
Please pass on this communication to anyone you know who might visit at HBH. We do not have everyone on our database, so please share communication with relevant people.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding. Covid-19 often means we have to change our alert levels quickly so we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our first priority is the safety and health of our residents, clients and staff.

Bonnie Robinson

Bonnie Robinson, CEO