COVID-19 Update: 19 March

By Bonnie Robinson, CEO - 19 March 2021

COVID-19 Update: 19 March

Dear Families and Residents

HBH will move to Level 1 (General Visiting) as from Saturday,

20 March 2021, 10am 

Thank you for your patience during the recent lockdown.  Management has decided that HBH Senior Living will move to Level 1 as from Saturday, 20 March 2021, 10am.

A reminder what General Visiting (level 1) means at HBH.


  • Relatives and friends may visit at any time with the following exceptions:

–          Please do not visit between 12 midday and 1:30pm and between 5.00pm and 5:30pm as these are mealtimes and after lunch nap time and residents have asked not to be disturbed during these times.

  • Visitors are encouraged to wear a mask during visits especially in the corridors and communal areas. Our staff will be masking for personal and direct cares but not when they are carrying out general duties.
  • Use the QR Code to sign in on your phone (for your records).

Sign in on the register (tablet or paper), this is for our records.

It is very important that visitors do this as these records will be used for contact tracing if there is an outbreak. 

  • Visitors must sanitise their hands when they arrive and depart.
  • All our entrances will be open during standard hours.
  • Do NOT visit if you are sick or if you have had a Covid test and are awaiting the results.


Residents can go out of the facility. We ask that you wear a mask if using public transport such as Driving Miss Daisy or taxi service. We request that residents do not visit very crowded places and observe excellent hygiene and social distancing.


Volunteers can resume their duties.

Day programme

Day programme will resume with caregivers escorting their family members to day programme.

Virtual Village East

Onsite activities can resume.


Respite care is available, please contact our Social Worker Jenny Moore for bookings and details.

139 On Union Apartments

Please ensure that sign in registers are filled out by visitors.

It is very important that visitors do NOT visit us if they are unwell. This ensures all our wider HBH family remain safe and well.

Yours sincerely

Bonnie Robinson, CEO

Bonnie Robinson, CEO