COVID-19 Update: 24 Aug 2020

By Bonnie Robinson, CEO - 24 August 2020

COVID-19 Update: 24 Aug 2020

Level Three and Level Two

As you will be aware, this afternoon the Prime Minister announced that Auckland will remain in Level Three until midnight on Sunday.

For HBH this means that we remain locked down for the rest of this week.

We have not yet heard whether age care facilities will come out of lockdown and into Level 2 or remain locked down for longer. Once we have heard from the Ministry of Health regarding when we can come out of lockdown we will let you know.

Please DO NOT just turn up on Monday expecting to visit. Please wait for us to let you know that we are in fact able to open up again.


Preparing for Level 2 – Restricted Visiting

When we are told by the Ministry of Health that we can go to Level 2 this will mean a return to restricted visiting.

Given what we now know about how easily Covid-19 can be spread by a casual contact, we are changing our Level 2 Restricted Visiting system. The plan is to make it more streamlined for everyone, and safer from an infection control perspective.  We know restricted visiting is less than what everyone wants in terms of time and frequency, but our primary goal is to keep residents safe. Limiting the number of people and the time spent with residents helps to reduce risk of transmission.


Here is how restricted visiting will work once we are able to do this – please read as this is different from the last time we were at Level 2

  • You will need to BOOK a time to visit (see below for how to do this)
  • 2 visits per week to be forward booked to ensure everyone can have a turn.
  • If you want to visit more often you can phone to see if there is a vacant spot on the day and if so, you can visit.
  • Visits limited to 30 minutes maximum.
  • Please be on time for your visit (there will be set start and finish times). If you are late you cannot get extra time.
  • Only 2 people at a time per resident.
  • No one under 16 years of age.
  • You must wear a mask at all times, including when in the resident’s room. Please bring your own mask and ensure it is clean on when you enter HBH.
  • Go straight to the residents room and remain there for duration of visit.
  • Maintain a 2-metre distance.
  • No kissing or hugging.
  • You must sign in using either the Covid Tracer App or if not, via our ipad.
  • Your temperature will be taken, and a health screening question asked before you can enter.
  • Stay home if unwell.

For family members who live out of town – please contact us BEFORE you plan to visit to make suitable arrangements.

Residents who are in the last few days of life: staff will contact family about visiting in these circumstances.


Booking to visit

Monday to Friday there are visiting times available between 9am and 11:45 and then from 2pm to 4:45.

Saturday and Sunday there are visiting times available between 10am and 11:45 and the 1pm and 3:45pm.

To book please email:  Please only use this email address for bookings.

Please head the email subject line: Visitor Booking

Please state the following:

The name of the person you wish to visit

What two days you prefer to visit on.

Whether you prefer morning or afternoon on those days.

Your contact details – phone and email

For example:

        Name: Joan Smith 

Tuesday: in the morning

       Saturday: in the afternoon

Contact details: Your phone number and/ or email address

When we confirm that we are going to Level 2, which we will do via email,  (or if you don’t have it, phone), we will confirm your visiting times. Please be understanding if you do not get your exact choice of day or time. We will do our best to fit everyone in.

If you do not have access to email, please phone Jenny Cribbens at reception 538 0800 between 9am and 4 pm  Monday to Friday to make a booking. Whenever possible please do use email. Everyone will get a spot, so do not feel you have to rush to make these bookings, but please do contact us before the end of this week.

Please be understanding if it takes us a few days to get back to you. We have a lot of people to make arrangements for.

Our goal is that once this system is set up, it will remain in place for any future level 2 arrangements.

If you know of friends or family members that might not be on our email list, and who regularly visit, please pass this email onto them.


Our other services: Day Programme, Virtual Village and Respite Care

If you are a client of our other services, we will let you know about these once we have heard from the Ministry of Health/DHB about opening up again under Level 2.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience.

Bonnie Robinson, CEO

Bonnie Robinson, CEO